Spring has sprung across Melbourne. We’ve had some warm days with many more on the way. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts we are very likely to see warmer than average days and nights this summer which makes this the perfect time to ask:

Have you switched on your air conditioner yet?

Living room with air conditioner

Spring is the perfect time to test your cooling and make sure it’s in shape for summer. Your cooling system has probably been sitting idle while your heating has helped you survive the frosty days and nights of winter. But now it’s time to find that remote and make the switch from ☀️ to ❄

But before you make the switch, take a look outside at the compressor unit to make sure it’s free of weeds and has an unobstructed air flow. The months of winter are more than long enough for insidious weeds to wrap themselves around fans — make sure they’re haven’t wrapped themselves around yours. Next, turn the unit on and make sure it cools as expected — listen for any strange noises (rattles, tapping or grinding). If you see a build up of dust or dirt — inside or out — your unit is well overdue for a service.

Don’t delay, get a service today!

If you do notice any problems — or just want to make sure your unit is clean and in tip-top shape for summer — then don’t delay, book a service now. Summer is peak time for servicing and repairs — not only is the demand for our services incredibly high, but so is the demand for replacement parts from manufacturers. Don’t wait until you’re feeling the heat to fix your cooling, beat the rush and book a service now.

Servicing is also an integral part of ensuring your cooling is running as efficiently as possible. Neglecting maintenance can mean systems have to run harder and longer (consuming more energy) to perform at original levels. Servicing can help you wallet!

Surrey Air can help!

Don’t go without effective and efficient cooling this summer. Our expert technicians can keep your systems running at their best, which is great for your health, home and wallet!