Your home is your haven so it’s natural to want a perfect climate.

Too many people make the wrong choices in type, size or location of their heating and cooling solution – don’t let yourself be one of them. The following will assist you to get it right the first time:

Single split systems

If you are looking for the perfect climate control in a specific room, a single split system is a great option that will fit in elegantly with the look of your room. The advantage of a split system is that the condensing unit is located outside, allowing only the quiet indoor unit to operate inside to filter the clean cool or warm air. Read more …

Multi split systems

To control the climate in multiple rooms and control the temperature of each room separately, a multi split system is the best choice. Individual units are located in each room, while a single condensing unit is located outside.

Ducted and Gas Heating systems

A ducted system can heat and cool your home to keep you comfortable all year round – no matter what the weather is like outside. We recommend Brivis energy efficient gas ducted heating and offer a ‘new for old’ service. (However please note that we do not install new from scratch gas heating systems in residential houses.) Read more…

Evaporative coolers and Refrigerated systems

Surrey Air services, maintains, repairs, and replaces evaporative and refrigerated systems ‘new for old’. (However please note that we do not install new from scratch evaporative or refrigerated systems in residential houses.)


Do you like the idea of being able to control the temperature of your room remotely from the comfort of your couch? With i-text you can do just that using your mobile phone. Simply send a text message whenever you would like to; turn the unit on or off, change the temperature or check the settings. It’s easy.

Air Purifiers

Do you suffer from hay fever, asthma or allergies ? A Daikin air purifier will cleanse the air in your home by removing pollens, mites and any other bacteria that pollute the air we breathe. The unit itself is elegant, quiet and compact, perfect for any home or office space.

Enquire today and discover why when it comes to heating and cooling everyone is saying ‘Thanks Surrey!’