Don’t Ignore the Dangers of the Australian Summer

In Australia, heat is the norm. But just because it’s common, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Quite the opposite. In the past 200 years, heat has killed more Australians than any natural disaster. Extreme or enduring heat can lead to a serious medical emergency – heat stress or heat stroke. Here in Melbourne, we’re […]

R22 for sale

If you are searching for R22 to buy, the chances are you fit into one of two groups; either you are a HVAC technician, or a client who needs a leak in their system repaired. Either way, the search for affordably priced R22 has become difficult for everyone.   In 1989, Australia ratified the Montreal […]

Why we choose Daikin

Many of our customers ask us ‘Why Daikin?’ (and why not the other brands), so if you are wondering too, here’s our top five reasons why we choose Daikin … Surrey Air is proud of our 35 plus years as a Daikin dealer. Like us, Daikin is a team player who are motivated by quality, […]

Are rising gas prices here to stay?

The truth behind rising gas prices (and what to do about it) The proof is out there before our eyes, on our bills – gas is now expensive. However, it is taking most Australians a while to get over the shock and face reality: what was true about gas a decade ago, will never be […]

How to test if your heater is working properly

Do you know if your heater is working properly? We have had a marvelous Indian Summer so far, but this is Melbourne, so the pre-winter cold will arrive before we know it, and it is best to be prepared when it does. You’d be surprised how many people leave it to the first cold snap […]

What is an Indian summer?

Summer is the new autumn! Indian summer that is! The BOM has confirmed that the 2016.17 summer recorded above average temperatures even though February 2017 was officially Melbourne’s coldest since 2005. That year was also the last time we saw a summer without a 40-degree day. Even though the temperature didn’t make the 40s this […]

Best way to replace your old aircon

Is your struggling and noisy cooling or heating unit preventing you from having a perfect indoor temperature? We can all agree that air conditioning makes a Melbourne summer all the more pleasurable. While heating is often needed 9-10 months of the year! The best way to replace your old aircon is with a new energy […]

What do Asthma, Thunderstorms and Air Conditioning have in common?

The tragic occurrence of Thunderstorm Asthma on 21 November was a shock for Melbourne. Adults who hadn’t had an asthma incident since childhood were affected, as well as children who had never shown symptoms before. Here’s how it happened: Rye grass fields bordering Melbourne flourished during a wet spring. The hot northwest winds on 21 […]

R22 HCFC – Air Conditioning Refrigerant Update

When should I replace my R22 system? We are getting this question more often as Australia moves towards the phase out of HCFC air conditioning refrigerants. Surrey Air has been advising on the use of out-dated air conditioning refrigerants for many years.  The ‘Surrey Air Replace or Repair Policy’, is to always replace badly damaged […]

Celebrating 35 years with a fresh new look for Surrey Air

Happy Birthday to Us! We’ve been understanding Melbourne’s seasons since 1981. 35 years ago, Surrey Air was born in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills. As a birthday treat, to celebrate this significant occasion, we decided that it was time to have a fresh spring makeover. We wanted our look to reflect Surrey Air’s […]