Evaporative air conditioning operates best in hot and dry climates. Evaporative air is cost effective to operate and efficiently cools your entire home or work environment. A roof mounted cooling unit filters the hot air outside through pads that a kept wet by a small water pump inside. The cool air this creates is forced down into ducts, pushing out any hot air, and providing you with a continuing cycle of cool fresh air.

Evaporative Air Conditioning

Benefits of Evaporative Air Conditioning

With evaporative air conditioning everyone stays cool and comfortable. The climate inside can be kept at a constant thermostat controlled temperature of your choosing. Daikin evaporative air conditioning systems can even be designed to operate in two or more zones, depending on your needs. At home, this means you can operate your evaporative air conditioning in the living area during the day and in the bedrooms at night.

Superior Intelligence. Daikin’s Super Inverter evaporative air conditioners are so intelligent that, when in Auto Mode, they consider all the factors that affect your comfort, such as outdoor and indoor temperatures. They remember your preferred setting in similar conditions and make subtle adjustments to the temperature so you feel totally comfortable. Because this intelligence eliminates excessive cooling and heating, it also achieves energy savings.

The ability of Daikin evaporative air conditioning to deliver ultimate comfort is maximised by your choice of controller. Daikin’s controllers have features that make it easy for you to operate and provide you with total climate control.

Choose Daikin evaporative air and you’ll be saying ‘Thanks Surrey’ this summer. Talk to a Surrey Air technician about your evaporative air conditioning needs today – click here.

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