Australian Standards (AS) and HVAC Building Services exist to ensure the safety of your building for staff and/or tenants.

These Essential Services safety measures govern the service and maintenance of all your HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning – equipment.

Essential Services

Relevant to air conditioning and heating units are AS3666 Parts 1&2 Air handling and water systems of buildings, and AS1851.6 for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

AS/NZS 3666 sets out minimum requirements for the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of air conditioning and water systems in buildings to assist in the control of micro-organisms such as Legionella bacteria.

AS1851.6 governs all fire protection systems and equipment, including the regular maintenance of building services.

Surrey Air provides maintenance for the following Essential Services:

  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Car Park Exhaust Systems
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Systems
  • Fresh Air Supply Systems
  • Fire Dampers/Fire Shutters
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Sump Pump/Pit Servicing

By law, your building is required to have annual compliance certification. To not have compliance risks your insurance policy and could also result in council fines. Read more in our blog on Essential Services Measures.

HVAC service contracts ensure compliance

Surrey Air conducts 3, 6 and 12 month service contracts for your building’s heating and cooling units where we perform thorough preventative maintenance and keep accurate log records. We also perform fire damper checks on sites where were already have HVAC units.

Maintenance also ensure your equipping remains at peak performance to reduce energy consumption costs. If you have any doubt as to the safety and compliance of your air conditioning and heating units, please don’t put it off any longer …

Contact us today for advice on keeping your building healthy and your people happy and productive.