Ducted heating is whole house heating that saves you money

With Brivis ducted heating there are no cold rooms, only comfy ones. You can be watching TV while the kids are in bed and everyone stays warm.

Gas Ducted central heating is the most efficient way to heat your entire house. You can save up to $300* per year in operating costs to heat your entire home using a high efficiency gas ducted heater compared to using gas space heaters.

A household using electrical appliances for heating produces three times** more greenhouse gas emissions than a household using ducted gas appliances.

*Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, 2004 for a house size up to 150m2
**AGA (Australian Gas Association)

Advanced technology

The technologies used in the new StarPro PLUS series are a culmination of Brivis’ 50 years of heating experience in Australia. The StarPro PLUS series features ensure that the heaters are more effective at heating your home, with the least amount of energy and expense.

Every aspect of the StarPro PLUS series operation has been designed to make it more powerful, efficient, reliable, unobtrusive and healthy for you. The Brivis StarPro series comprises both the Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) High Efficiency range and Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) Medium Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating range.

The StarPro MAX range includes models with up to 5.8 Star Rating (HX23), providing the highest level of comfort, for the least running cost.

Surrey Air stocks a large  range of Brivis ducted heating products, for a quote or discuss your options simplycontact us today.